Blog #20:

We reach a milestone today with our 20th blog. Hopefully, I don’t clock up too many more milestones! Seems like the quiet before the storm, with preparations in place for some major transformations in the coming weeks. Cladding and plaster are scheduled for the week after so this week and next week have been spent …

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Blog #19

The excitement continues to build at Wilson court as we continue to move in the right direction. Quicklift doors installed the garage door frame on Tuesday, and we visited the site at lunch time to check it out. I have not seen a tilt door up close in real life so was interesting to see …

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Blog #15. Various part 2 (sorry struggling to think of titles).

The heavy rain never arrived so the site remained relatively dry. I felt like Noah preparing for the flood last weekend, helping Kristian put in temporary measures to get the rain from our roof away from the house in the absence of downpipes. These measures stayed in place most of the week and served their …

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