Blog #33:

Just a cheeky little blog today. I thought the last blog may have been a good place to leave it, but we have had more progress so thought I best share.

Andre Brown has finished painting the exterior, the high eaves and PVC downpipes the last of his tasks. He would have been finished earlier however we mucked up his schedule with getting the footpaths installed. The only external paint required on our house was the eaves, downpipes, alfresco ceiling, and front door. The cladding obviously does not need paint and Vestis Aluminium is guaranteed for 40 years. This is fresh in my mind as I just filled in the warranty form.

Andre has done a magnificent job and his attention to detail is spot on. I hope our job did not turn him off painting, as he is having a break and going to try his hand at some other work. I am sure he will do well in whatever his choses to do.

We kind of liked the unfinished look of the Hardies Versilux eaves sheet, however, have found that the painted finish is much crisper. The colour of this is a half strength match of our wall colour. Andre matched the wall colour perfectly for our PVC downpipes, so our idea to have these in Vestis Aluminium was hair brained. The downpipes against our black walls are another story, and these need to be Vestis to match the texture. The last of these arrived were supposed to arrive this week so I will have to chase them up to see what happened. This should be the last item for the build.

Andre marked the completion of our project by brewing a special chocolate stout which will be ready to enjoy on the first anniversary of being in our house.

A new driveway with exposed ag concrete edging has been added, and we are thrilled with the result. While they were at it, we had a couple of garden beds formed too, and it now feels as though the front landscaping is well under way. We have run out of funds so not much more will happen in this space for a bit, but planting, lawn, and fences are in the pipeline.

McKnight Concreting and Rob Farrer (Bobcat) combined beautifully to deliver the edged bluestone gravel driveway. We elected for bluestone as it does not create as much dust as normal gravel.

Our next move it to pressure wash the exterior, get it spayed for spiders, then get the windows cleaned. More time at home would be nice, however life is busy and our time for home tasks is limited.

Been in a month now, and it has been brilliant. I pinch myself every day. At this stage I cannot think of anything I would do differently and it certainly feels like home.

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