Blog #16: Roof Finish & Eaves Lining.

A good week for us at Wilson Court. A lot of electrical work and the finishing touches on the roof.

If I am honest, I had been underwhelmed by my roof. I designed it with one main skillion roof plane and had high expectations of how this would look. We were after simple clean lines with a zinc finish, however it didn’t look as good as anticipated without the flashings and with the guttering issue. To recap I had selected a non-standard half round gutter, however this left the end of the roof sheets exposed due to the low roof pitch and insulation blanket. The gutter was replaced, and the flashings completed on Monday and I was pleased with the finish. Matt Wilkinson plumbing has done a great job and we are happy again with the roof design. Roof flashing by the way is the metal sheet that is installed around the edge of a skillion roof (or around roof features and penetrations) that stops water from getting in and finishes the roof.

Tuesday was also a great night to rock up to the block. A highlight of the build has been visiting the site each night and noticing the progress. Some nights the changes are subtle and then some days you are blown away by how much has been done. I guess building can be like an iceberg – a lot of the work happens below the surface. On Tuesday, the builders had lined much of the eaves and I could not contain my excitement when seeing this (sorry for snapchat spam). On this occasion I was overwhelmed as the finish exceeded expectations.

We are using Versilux, which is a fibre cement product that is installed with an express join (gap between the sheet with a black PVC backing strip). I had worked out the spacings last week, however there was discussion as to whether this was optimal. Fortunately, I was able to model the set out with our CAD software and played around with various options and reviewed the 3D perspectives. I was then comfortable to proceed as planned and was stoked with how it come up.

Amazing how finishing touches to the roof and eaves have made a difference. Cannot wait to see how it looks with the cladding on!

I think the best designs have simple well-proportioned form, and that it is the material selection and colours that set the design off. Here is hoping we have got ours right….

Was also back on the CAD working on our internal elevations to help finalize our wet areas, tile selection, joinery outline, as well as tweaking some electrical. I then sent this out to Conidi Tiles and Lighting, Laser Electrical, Kerang Custom Joinery, and KM Bray Building. As stated previously, this level of detail is generally not required for a residential project, however we have found it very useful to plan out each room.

Laser Electrical had a big week, and it looks like they got most of the house wired. Some suggestions by Matty Coates in relation to sensors, switching and dimmers were taken onboard and adopted. We will get an opportunity to walk through and review all the electrical before the plaster goes on and can make minor adjustments if need be, however, I think we have it pretty right.

The next milestone is lock up, and we just need the windows in and cladding on for this. This may still be a few weeks away as the cladding cannot be ordered until the windows are in so it can be accurately measured to work out the custom panel widths and flashings required. Still plenty of other work to be done so hopefully we continue to enjoy the steady progress we have been seeing.

Hope you are having a great weekend. We have enjoyed catching up with family friends since the relaxation of some of the Covid restrictions (up to 5 at a time from 1 other household of course). We are finding the site to be a good place to meet and can see how we may spend a lot more time at home entertaining once this house is finished and we are back to normal.

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  1. I like the Cad 3D image being compared to the actual build finish (minus the cladding). Maybe more comparisions from Cad to actual finish would be very interesting?.

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