Farm Sheds

Sturdy Buildings for the Farm

Needing to build a sturdy steel shed for your rural property or farm? Then a prefabricated kit made by Safety Steel Structures is a very sound option.

Safety Steel Structures makes and supplies farm sheds and American and Aussie style barns suitable for a wide range of requirements. They’re easy to erect by either you or a construction team who we can help organise.

We have many versions of farm sheds or American and Aussie barns available including open sided machinery sheds, hay barns, riding arenas and dairy sheds.

Safety Steel Structures has a number of standardised components and our main products are flexible enough to be customised at the point of sale. A customer’s most economical options are to take a standard size, but we’re flexible and able to accommodate customer requirements for variations.

Assisting the Customer

When a customer comes in wanting to build a steel shed, one of our experienced staff members speaks with them to understand its intended use. During this process we sketch out the dimensions for size and shape, taking into account where the customer requires the doors and other features and how the structure will be placed in respect to other services.

Among the options to choose from include:

  • Frame types (C/Z Purlin, welded tubular, universal beam, UB column)
  • Cladding (zinc and various colours)
  • Doors (roller shutter, sliding and standard, oversize and double personal doors)

We supply you with the engineer designed and certified drawings to allow you to confidently seek your building and or planning permits.

Small to Large

With larger rural projects we can send building crews out to perform construction. McKnight and Bray Building Design can also assist with organising building teams to assist with any onsite construction.

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